Bhajis and brownies at the Cornhill Terrace Street Party


Cornhill Terrace Street Party 2016. Photo by Mary Hutchison

Sunday 14th August was the 7th Cornhill Terrace Street Party.  

This year we planned for rain and arranged street-closure for two Sundays following the street party, just in case. As it turned out, although a grey day it was dry, and it was warm. Once or twice the sun even managed to shine through the clouds!

At this year’s party the usual fantastic sweets and savouries were shared: crispy bhajis, spicy sauces, quiche, brownies, cupcakes and more. Perhaps the most impressive was a three-layer banana cake, overflowing with chocolate and topped with walnuts. Maybe we should offer prizes next year, or then again maybe not – we don’t seem to need competition to cook up good things, and a great atmosphere.

Of course the most important thing is the people. Every year there are new neighbours to meet, and at least one new baby on the street. The newest and youngest this year is just four months old.

While the grownups chatted our smaller neighbours had fun drawing, making, scootering, biking, and even dancing on the garden walls. There were no Pokemon, just a shared tin can string telephone, and a few sightings of colourful paper monsters. This social media is real life!

This year some of the neighbours were also getting together for action. Cornhill Terrace was designed long before wheely bins (and cars) so our narrow pavements are regularly blocked by bins waiting for collection. A petition has been organised in the hope that, in negotiation with the council, we can agree a better arrangement for waste removal and recycling. If you live locally, our Facebook group will keep you updated.

Others are keen to organise a monthly play street, to give local children the chance to play freely outdoors. One possibility might be to set up in a different area of the neighbourhood each month, to allow more children to benefit. If you live in the Cornhill Terrace or Ryehills area, contact Lucy to find out more.

Thanks to everyone who came. It was a fun afternoon!

The Cornhillers

Cornhill Terrace Street Party 2015


Cornhill Terrace Street Party. Photo by Mary Hutchison

The day of our street party was SUNNY! That’s reason enough to party!

There were tables enough to lay out all the delights brought by the neighbours, chairs, a li-lo and even two garden benches. Whether young or old, incomer or an established resident, everyone was made to feel comfortable and welcome.

Every year we have new neighbours.“We’d just moved in, and got a flyer through the letterbox – very exciting!”

New babies on the block were the twins from No. 4, each wriggling in a papoose carried by a determined partying parent.

The children bring different games each year! This summer we had a coconut shy, swing-ball and a swop shop, while the grownups joined the kids in drawing on the pavement.

As usual there was an incredible variety of home-baking: appetising savouries, mouthwatering cakes and colourful sweets. It’s harvest time too, and Liz brought along some fresh lettuce and courgettes from her allotment. It would be great to see more garden and allotment produce next year.

Somehow, the food just disappears. Everyone did well with recycling and clearing up. We have very little waste, and most was tidied away invisibly at the end of the afternoon by many willing hands. Thank you!

Special thanks to Alan for intrepid bunting-hanging-at-height, and to Lucy for liaising with the Council for our temporary street closure.

To share your photos and stories, join our Facebook group

See you again next year!

The Cornhillers

Save the date!


Delicious food at the 2015 Cornhill Terrace street party. Photo by Mary Hutchison

Save the date – this year’s street party will be on Sunday August 23rd, from 2-6.

In Scotland you never know what weather to expect, but even in last year’s monsoon, there was no way the neighbours were going to allow our party to be rained off!

We enjoyed all these delicious treats and more, and the children had a great time playing in the rain.

This year, let’s hope for sun.

See you at the party!



Improvised shelter for a street party stall, 2014. Photo by Mary Hutchison

It’s the day of the street party. And it’s raining.

But at least one neighbour is determined to party!

EDIT – The rain didn’t stop us. Despite the downpour, more than a few of us turned up. The kids still got to play, and we met some new neighbours – our local minibeasts!

Cornhill Terrace Street Party 2013


Dancing in the street. Photo by Itay Idan

On Sunday 16 June our fourth annual street party took place. The sun may not have shone, but it didn’t rain. The company was warm, and the kids had a great time!

As always, delicious food, drinks, decorations and bunting were gathered from all over the street. It all looked very colourful!

This summer we provided a notice stand, with information about Play Streets. The idea is to close part of Cornhill Terrace regularly, to allow children to play outdoors safely. To add your support please contact Lucy.

Of course the street party gives local children a chance to play together too, with one boy advertising free scooter driving lessons – a great idea!

Richard Rodger’s book “Edinburgh’s Colonies” was available for people to read. Built by the Edinburgh Co-operative Building Company in the late 1890’s, Cornhill Terrace is itself part of the history of the colonies, and it’s the success of their design that helps make our street such a neighbourly place to live.

Thanks to all who helped make this year’s party a success by organising street closure, providing music, creating and delivering flyers, lending and transporting tables, organising crafts, decorating, recycling, and clearing up.

And a big thank you to everyone for taking part. It couldn’t happen without you!

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